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Custom PHP

PHP is a mature scripting language that is well suited for producing dynamic web pages. Some examples of highly recognizable websites written PHP include Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo

 PHP allows us to create pages that provide visitors with individualized content, instant updates of messages, posts, news articles and anything else you may want included with your website.



Custom jQuery and Plug-ins

The jQuery library is designed to speed up JavaScript development. It helps you write less code by simplifying the way you write JavaScript. When using the jQuery library, you might find that you rewrite the same code for common functions. If this is the case, this may be a reason to develop a custom jQuery plug-in.

 If you need a jQuery plug-in, or just can't figure out how to get jQuery to do something you need, let us help. We can do it quickly and inexpensively.


Wordpress plugin

Wordpress Plugin

Need a custom plugin created for your WordPress powered website?

We can help create custom WordPress plugins to handle any functionality or feature, faster and for less money than you might think.  Don't struggle building your plug-ins, instead focus on your business.

The Team


Hi, I'm Alan. I'm the Amazon best-selling author of 'The Joy of PHP', 'The Joy of jQuery', and 'The Joy of Bootstrap'.    A native US English speaker, I'll be your primary contact to gather your requirements and communicate them to the development team.


Hi, I'm Abner. I'm based in The Philippines and I love to code.  I'm an expert at PHP, mySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, and other web frameworks.  Alan will tell me what you need, and I'll get it done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?
You can buy a day of development for $49.  If you'd like to hire us for a week, it costs $249.

2.Do I have to pay in advance?
Yes, you do have to pay in advance, for at least a day.

3. What if it takes longer than you predict?
Sometimes that happens.  The best we can do if the project is complex is to spend the first day scoping it.  After that, we'll post regular progress updates and keep you fully informed.  You can pull the plug anytime and keep the code we've done for you so far. 

4. Who owns the code?
Any work we do for you is 'work for hire' and you own it 100%.

5. How quickly can you get started?
Normally we can turn around small jobs in a day or two.

6. What is the process?

Alan works closely with each client to plan and design your custom code or plugin exactly as you are envisioning it. Abner does the coding, and this is what keeps the cost low.  Whether you are familiar with the power of PHP, jQuery, or WordPress, or not, we strive to make the development process as easy and painless as possible.


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